Tisch Undergraduate Student Council

Hello from TUSC!

The Tisch Undergraduate Student Council, or TUSC, respresents Tisch students to the administration, faculty, and NYU's Student Government Assembly (SGA). TUSC is comprised of an Executive Board of elected officers, appointed New Student Representatives, and an appointed Auxiliary Committee. 

TUSC approves, oversees, and allocates funding to official Tisch clubs. TUSC programming includes Relaxation Days, the T48 Film Festival, Town Halls, community and charity events, and social events such as speed dating and pizza parties, as well as representing Tisch at the All-University Games and Orientation. TUSC also administers an annual grant funding program.

As a student advocacy group, we want to hear from you! Reach out to TUSC at email address!

TUSC 2023-2024 BOARD

President: Rindy Ding

Vice President: Anna Lowry

Senator: Isabel Morimoto

Alternate Senator: Yasha Vikamsey

Secretary: Amanda Kosack

Treasurer: Kailynne Lee Chiu

Publicity Officer: Annie Thomas

Operations Manager: Anushka Dhar

Club Liaison: Rachel Liebforth