Graduate Student Organization

Hello from the GSO!

The Graduate Student Organization is Tisch's graduate student council, comprised of representatives from all graduate departments. GSO is the voice of the grad community to the administration, faculty, and NYU's Student Government Assembly (SGA). 

GSO works to foster interdepartmental collaboration at Tisch, and programs include social and networking events, speaker panels, art conferences, film screenings, co-sponsorships, and more. GSO also hosts an annual grant funding program

Have ideas, input, or feedback? Please reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!


PRESIDENT: Maissa Lihedheb, Graduate Film

The GSO President:

Convenes and presides over all GSO meetings.

Maintains the mandate and agenda for the year.

Attends all relevant New York University Student Government Assembly duties as assigned, including but not limited to: The Presidents Council and the Student Government Assembly meetings.

Performs any function needed for the benefit and welfare of the GSO, including representing GSO at major Tisch events and meetings with the dean and other leadership.

VICE PRESIDENT: Xorlali Fiamafle, Design for Stage & Film

The GSO Vice President:

Assumes the duties of the President in their absence or if the office becomes unoccupied.

Represents the GSO on internal councils as needed, including the SGA President's Council if the President is unavailable.

Spearheads the GSO Grant Process and assigns responsibilities to the Board.

Directs the spring board selection process.

SENATOR: Natalia Saufert, Department of Dramatic Writing

The GSO Senator:

Attends all relevant New York University meetings of Student Senators Council, University Senate, Student Government Assembly, and assigned committees.

Assumes the duties of the President and/or Vice President if they are unavailable, or if the positions are vacated prior to the new selection process.

TREASURER: Mickey Falcone, Department of Dramatic Writing

The GSO Treasurer:

Manages and updates the GSO allocation for the fiscal year, including exercising financial prudence, making recommendations, and reporting to the Board.

Works with Student Affairs and the Events Coordinator on purchasing and reimbursement for GSO members and for event materials, fees, and vendors.

Investigates opportunities to maximize the GSO budget.

Reviews all external requests for co-sponsorship and funding and makes recommendations to the board. 

Works with the Vice President to manage the GSO Grant allocations. 


The GSO Secretary:

Records and distributes notes from all GSO Board meetings.

Schedules GSO Board meetings in support of the President's schedule.

Performs other duties delegated by the President to bolster the administration of the GSO, and to represent GSO whenever needed.

PUBLICITY DIRECTOR: Biagi Banco-Calicchia, Game Design

The GSO Publicity Director:

Oversees and manages all communications and publicity for the GSO Board, GSO events and programs, and GSO-supported events and programs.

Creates and develops publicity ideas and strategy.

Manages the GSO's website, NYU Engage profile, social media accounts, and email direct communications.

Maintains a database of attendees at GSO events for targeted communications.

DIVERSITY OFFICER: Dujin Kim, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program

The GSO Diversity Officer:

Works with the Board, student organizations, affinity groups, and related offices at Tisch and NYU on diversity and inclusion initiatives related to the Tisch grad community.

Researches and makes recommendations to the Board about opportunities to create, collaborate on, and/or co-sponsor diversity and inclusion events for the grad community.

Represents the Tisch grad community to the Coalition and the Office of Diversity via regular meetings.

EVENT COORDINATORS: Audrey Chou, ITP & Parth Devendra Pawar, ITP

The GSO Events Coordinator:

Spearheards the planning and logistics for GSO programs and events.

Creates event timelines and assigns tasks to Board members, including a process for task completion and accountability.

Works with Student Affairs and Treasurer on purchases and vendors for GSO events and programs.

Works with the Publicity Director on marketing and promoting GSO events and programs.

Works with the Vice President on overseeing and managing the GSO Grants.