Below you will find administrative forms for the Tisch School of the Arts.  Please be sure to work with your academic advisor when filling out any of these forms.

Forms Regarding Majors/Minors

Declaration of Second Major Form

This form is ONLY for use by Tisch students who wish to add a second major at NYU departments outside of TSOA.

To declare a second major within Tisch, please use the Tisch Double Major Application form on this page.

To request a minor be added or removed from your record please use your Albert Student Center. New First Years should wait to declare secondary majors and minors in June of their first academic year and after discussing it with their academic advisor.


Forms Regarding Enrollment

Part-Time Enrollment Request Form

Use this form to request enrollment in fewer than 12 credits in a semester.  This form should only be used after you have met and discussed the request with your advisor, including the impact on your planned date of graduation and any financial aid you may be receiving.

Forms Regarding Receiving Grades/Incompletes

Pass/Fail Grade Request

Students who are requesting to take a course pass/fail rather than for a letter grade may use the following form to do so: 

Summer 2024 Pass/Fail Request

The deadlines for applying for pass/fail for Summer 2024 are as follows:

First 3-Week Session (5/20 - 6/10) - June 5, 2024 

First 6-Week Session (5/20 - 7/2) - June 24, 2024

7-Week Session (5/20 - 7/9) - June 26, 2024 

Second 3-Week Session (6/11 - 7/2) - June 27, 2024

10-Week Session (5/20 - 7/30) - July 15, 2024

Third 3-Week Session (7/3 - 7/23) - July 17, 2024

12-Week and Special Sessions (5/20 - 8/15) - July 29, 2024

Second 6-Week Session (7/3 - 8/15) - August 5, 2024

Fourth 3-Week Session (7/24 - 8/15) - August 12, 2024

Please read the guidelines and requirements noted on the form carefully before submitting your request. After submitting your form, you will receive a confirmation message. If there are any issues, we will contact you and your academic advisor.

Drop/Add Form

This form is for drop/add transactions that cannot be processed via Albert for exceptional reasons.

Advanced Standing Requests

Advanced Standing Form

Please review the Advanced Standing Request information carefully before consulting with your academic advisor.  Once you have gone over the details of your request together, follow the instructions on the information page to complete the form.

Leave of Absence Forms

Leave of Absence

Please see the information on our Leave of Absence FAQ page for instructions on applying for a leave of absence.  You will also need to speak with your advisor about taking a leave and apply for the leave on Albert under the "Academics" tab.

Return from Medical Leave of Absence

Six weeks before the registration period for your intended semester of return, you should complete and submit the Return from Medical Leave of Absence form.

* Students returning from medical leaves for psychological reasons must also contact Counseling & Wellness Services for an evaluation or assessment and submit a CWS Certificate of Readiness to Return.

* Students returning from a medical leave of absence for physical reasons must contact the Student Health Center and submit an SHC Certificate of Readiness to Return.

Off-Campus Registration Request Forms

Permission to Register Off-Campus Request

Use this form to request permission to register off-campus (PROC) from NYU during the academic school year, summer, or J-term.  Be sure to speak with your academic advisor prior to submitting this request.  

The deadline for applying for a 2024 Summer PROC is Sunday, May 26, 2024.

Please note that if you are a graduation exception, you must apply by Friday, April 5, 2024.



Academic Advising Forms

Applying for Re-Admission to Tisch