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Step 1 - Activate your NYU NetID to access Albert

You will access Albert, NYU's registration system, through your NYUHome account. To access NYUHome, you first need to activate your NetID by following these instructions. Once activated, you will be able to sign into Albert. The Advisor Approval Hold will be automatically removed prior to your registration time.

Step 2 - Review Fall Semester Required Classes

First-Year Students

Photography & Imaging Digital or Analog - PHTI-UT 1 or PHTI-UT 2
4 units
Culture, History, Imaging and Photography Studies - PHTI-UT 1003 4 units
Contemporary Imaging Practice OR a Liberal Arts Course - 
PHTI-UT 1010*
4 units
Expository Writing/Art and the World - EXPOS-UA 5, or for some international students who have been notified about placement in the following, International Writing Workshop I - EXPOS-UA 4 or International Writing Workshop Introduction - EXPOS-UA 3* 4 units
See all Photography & Imaging Curriculum 16 units

Transfer Students

Photography & Imaging Digital or Analog - 
PHTI-UT 1 or PHTI-UT 2 or Multimedia PHTI-UT 3
4 units
Photography and Imaging course option - PHTI-UT X
4 units
Expository Writing/Art and the World - EXPOS-UA 5** 4 units
General Education Course - XXXX-UA 4 units
See all Photography & Imaging Curriculum 16 units

EXPOS-UA 3 International Writing Workshop Introduction

Some international students may be placed in this course depending on the result of their entrance assessment. This course is intended for students who need additional preparation before entering International Writing Workshop I (EXPOS-UA 4) and International Writing Workshop II (EXPOS-UA 9). EXPOS-UA 3 does not satisfy either expository writing requirement for Tisch students. However, this course taken along with International Writing Workshop I (EXPOS-UA 4) and International Writing Workshop II (EXPOS-UA 9) is part of the English language learner sequence and this series of course progression can satisfy Tisch's expository writing requirement.

** Transfer students select a General Education Course (XXXX-UA) in place of the Expository Writing requirement if they have fulfilled this requirement at their previous institution. Refer to your Statement of Transfer Credit for fulfilled requirements.

Step 3 - Search and Choose Classes in Albert

Login to Albert. Search classes by course code and course number. The -UT suffix denotes classes in the Tisch School of the Arts. The -UA suffix denotes classes in the College of Arts and Science. Please use the class numbers to register for courses.

The Albert Student Center is your self-service tool for registration needs. Review the Albert Help Guides to learn features like how to register for courses and to add yourself to a wait list by using the "swapping classes" function.

After you register for courses, you will receive an email from the Bursar to view your E-bill for tuition, fees, and housing. Please pay by the payment due date or you will be de-enrolled from your courses for non-payment.

When you arrive on campus in August, you will meet with your academic advisor who will review the fall schedule for which you’ve enrolled. If necessary, changes in your program can be made at that time.

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