Storytelling Becomes More Than a Hobby

Friday, Apr 21, 2023

Chloe has always loved storytelling but she wasn’t sure if filmmaking was the right fit. While in high school, the California native was in charge of a school publication and ran the visual arts club. It wasn’t until Chloe attended a college webinar that she became interested in studying film at NYU and learned about the Tisch Online High School Filmmakers Workshop. Not long after joining the workshop in spring 2021, she decided to apply Early Decision to the Tisch undergraduate film and television program.

Chloe is now wrapping up her first year at Tisch. She recalls being in the film workshop while balancing high school classes on Zoom, her extracurricular activities, and making time to catch up with friends on the phone.

“I managed my schedule by treating the workshop like another class, except this was the one that constantly lived at the front of my mind. I was always excited to complete the projects for this course, which helped solidify my decision to keep pursuing film. I remember for my final, I made a shooting schedule for myself that I would update constantly to help keep myself on track.”

Even with the east and west coast time difference, Chloe made it work. She would have a one-on-one session with her instructor early in the morning before starting her day in the last quarter of the school year.

“On a typical day, I would meet with the workshop’s professor at 6 a.m. and then immediately go back to sleep (I am not a morning person). Then I would have Zoom school from 8:45 a.m.-3:30 p.m., and I would watch the lectures for the workshop during my free period. When school was over, I would film because it gave me an excuse to go outside and take a break from sitting at my Zoom setup.”

Here's more from our interview with Chloe:

Why did you want to be a part of the Online High School Filmmakers Workshop?
The program allowed me to get a taste of the NYU film program from the comfort of my home and see if I truly wanted to study film at NYU.

What did you learn/take away from the Tisch Online High School Filmmakers Workshop?
My professor in the workshop pushed me to believe in myself more and view my craft with both an objective and creative mind. I also learned how valuable it could be to have mentors and peers who share or have similar passions to you.

How did the Tisch Online High School Filmmakers Workshop prepare you for your craft?
My professor in the workshop helped me gain confidence in myself and my craft. Before I considered myself a hobbyist, but her advice and encouragement pushed me to truly consider myself an artist.

What was it like to crew or collaborate with other high school students from around the world?
This was one of my favorite parts of the program. Especially since we were in quarantine, I had a lot of fun collaborating with and meeting new people. I didn’t know anybody else who was interested in pursuing film like I was, so finding like-minded artists my age was a great and welcome opportunity.

How was taking an online course vs. an in-person course beneficial for you?
Taking the course online allowed me to balance high school and my other responsibilities with the course more easily. I enjoyed the independence and the ability to learn at my own pace.

Why should a high school student interested in filmmaking participate in this workshop?
It’s a great opportunity to learn more about filmmaking, build your portfolio, and meet other artists who are as interested in storytelling as you are. No matter what your skill level is, you’ll definitely find the workshop engaging and learn something new.

The Tisch Online High School Filmmakers Workshop is open to all students in high school. The application for summer 2023 is available. Applications are also being accepted for the Tisch Online High School Screenwriters Workshop.