Business of Entertainment


Still image for the Business of Entertainment sizzle reel video. Image shows a blonde woman holding a VR headset up to her face. Screen capture has yellow text that reads, 'The Streaming Revolution is Here.'

Business of Entertainment is a non-credit online certificate program for anyone looking to better understand the quickly evolving entertainment industry. This program is taught by faculty from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, along with executives from leading entertainment companies including Universal, Netflix, Amazon, Sony Music, HBO, Activision Blizzard, and more. In partnership with Yellowbrick, the program is fully online, on-demand, and available worldwide!

Whether you’re raising financing for your first film or trying to land a job at a top gaming studio, the Business of Entertainment online course will help prepare you for the new frontiers of a radically changing industry. Study one or all four industry tracks, gaining practical knowledge through real-world case studies.

Industry Tracks:

  • Film & Television

  • Music & Audio

  • Gaming

  • Live Performance

The five course module, 20-plus hour program aims to give participants the skills to develop assets to identify their best market and raise financing.

Topics discussed include:

  • Streaming and New Business Models

  • Identifying Your Market

  • Producing Entertainment Media in a New Era

  • Mastering Marketing and Awareness

  • Distribution and Product Value

If you're interested in breaking into or advancing in the entertainment industry, this online enrichment program is a great place to start!