Tisch Online High School Workshops Application FAQs

Detailed instructions for completing the Tisch Online High School application can be found on our Application Instructions page. Please review the instructions page when filling out your application.

Some of our most commonly asked questions and most frequently encountered issues are addressed below. If your question is not answered on this page, please email us at tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

General Application

I entered the wrong name on my application. How do I change it?

Your first and last name cannot be changed from within the application; they need to be updated on your application portal profile. Once you are logged into your application portal, click on your name on the top right of your screen to access the drop down menu and click Account Information to change your profile settings. Once your name is updated from within the profile settings, be sure to save your settings!

Please note: Your Preferred Name is automatically generated from your First Name unless you otherwise change it. If you change your First Name in your Profile Settings, you may wish to revisit the Contact Details page of your application to make changes to your Preferred Name.

Is there an audition/portfolio requirement for Online High School?

There is no audition or portfolio requirement for any of our online courses; however, if you have links to artistic performances or materials you would like to share (e.g., YouTube videos of performances, a Flickr account of your photos, or a Vimeo page of your short film), please feel free to include the URL(s) in your Creative Résumé.

Is there a scholarship I could apply to?

Unfortunately there is no scholarship or financial aid provided for Tisch Online High School Workshops. 

Applicants can also research other avenues for financial sponsorship such as reaching out to local businesses in their community; larger corporations like airlines; local, city, and state government offices; and fundraising sites like Foundation CenterFastwebKickstarterGoFundMe, or Scholly for assistance.


How do I submit my transcript?

You will submit your transcript as PDF in the Attachments section of your application.

To access your transcript, please reach out to your school guidance counselor or download a PDF of your unofficial transcript from your school database. 

If your school does not release transcripts to students directly, we will accept transcripts via email from a school representative or guidance counselor. 


- Emailed transcripts must come from a school representative or an official transcript service on behalf of your school.
- Our email address is tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu

Please email us ahead of time if you have difficulty obtaining a transcript. 


Are recommendations required?

No, recommendations are not required. We are not accepting recommendations for the Tisch Online High School Workshops. 



What type of equipment do I need for the Online High School Filmmakers Workshop?

  • Students are required to supply their own technology – camera, sound, and editing – for this class. 
  • Students can shoot with their own prosumer camera, DSLR or cell phone that can shoot high quality footage. 
  • Students must use a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, microphone, and audio capability. 
  • This online course works best with a fast, reliable internet connection, and requires Chrome web browser.