Summer Study Abroad Application Requirements

Please read the following admissions information before starting your online application. You can find important dates on the Tisch Special Programs Admissions Calendar.

How do I apply?

  • Step 1 - Requirements and Eligibility
  • Step 2 - Online Application
  • Step 3 - Verification
  • Step 4 - Notification
  • Step 5 - Confirmation


  • You must have completed freshman year of study (two full semesters) and be 18 years or older prior to the beginning of the term abroad.
  • If you are a visiting student, you must currently be registered full-time in an undergraduate degree program at an accredited college or university.
  • You must have a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale.
  • Incomplete (I) grades on your transcript must be resolved before an admissions decision can be made.
  • You must not be on academic or disciplinary probation, nor currently on medical leave of absence.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • If accepted, you must live in NYU-assigned housing.
  • You must meet the prerequisite coursework (if applicable).


You must submit the following items:

  • Online application form (remember to use your name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate/passport in your application and supporting documents)
  • Personal statement
  • Creative résumé
  • Passport
  • English language proficiency test results (non-native English-speaking applicants)
  • Official university transcript(s)
  • Additional documents - program specific


Your personal statement should be specific to the program(s) you are applying to. If you have selected a second or third choice program, please respond to the prompts for those as well. Please make it clear where the responses for your first, second, and third choices begin.

Type or copy and paste your statement in the Program Selection section within the online application. 

Your complete personal statement should total 500-1500 words. You may not re-submit the same statement from another Tisch Special Programs application.



Please explain your motivation for pursuing the program you are applying to. 


If you are applying to the Amsterdam ITW program, please include the following details in your essay:

  • Drama studios you have attended (Primary and Additional Professional Training)

  • For Tisch Drama students:

    • What year did you enter the Department of Drama?

    • What semester do you anticipate graduating?


If you are applying to the Florence Commedia dell’Arte program, please include the following details in your essay:

  • List of 5-10 favorite works of literature (not plays)
  • Favorite visual artists
  • Favorite Ted Talk/YouTube video


In the Attachments section of the online application, upload your creative résumé. Your creative résumé should highlight creative and artistic work accomplished, activities, and relevant employment. Your résumé should also include:

  • Your full name and contact information

  • Any extra-curricular activities or work in your community

  • Additional information such as awards, hobbies, and interests


You must have and upload a valid passport at the time of your application. The passport must meet all of the parameters listed below. There are no exceptions. If you have more than one passport, upload both.

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months past the end of the program you are applying to.
  • Your passport should contain at least two adjacent blank pages. 

If you are in the process of renewing your passport at the time of application, you must upload the passport renewal receipt in place of your passport. Once your new passport is received, you will need to email a copy to us at

Applications with an invalid passport will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed. 


In the Attachments section of the online application, non-native English speaking applicants are required to upload copies of one of the following English language proficiency examinations:


Exemption from English language proficiency testing will be given:

  • If your native language is English.

  • You already completed (at the time of application submission) at least 3 or more consecutive, full academic years at a school/university where the primary language of instruction was English.

  • If you are currently matriculated in a full-time NYU degree program.


Exams should be completed before the application deadline, and results cannot be more than 2 years old. While we will consider scores received after the application deadline, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to wait for those scores to arrive before making an admissions decision.


We don’t have minimum score requirements, but competitive applicants will receive: 100 and above on the TOEFL iBT, 7.5 and above on the IELTS Academic, 70 and above on the PTE Academic, 191 and above on the Cambridge English Scale, or a 125 and above on the Duolingo English Test.


NYU Students: In the Documents section of the online application, upload a copy of your unofficial transcript from Albert. Don’t know how to access your unofficial transcript on Albert? Find out how to access your transcript here!


Non-NYU Students: We must receive your official transcripts sent from your college/university by the application deadline, via one of the following methods:


  • Email: This is our preferred delivery method.
    • Emailed transcripts must come from a school representative or an official transcript service on behalf of your school.
    • Our email address is


  • Mail: Mailed transcripts must be sealed and issued directly from your school to:
    • New York University
      Tisch Office of Special Programs Admissions
      721 Broadway, Rm 1248
      New York, NY 10003


Need to convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale? Try CollegeBoard’s GPA Calculator.


Non-US/Non-English transcripts: Please note that you are required to submit both the official transcript and its English translation. If the institution you attend does not provide an English translation with the official transcript, you must obtain a certified English translation. Following these steps will ensure the validity of your transcript:

  • Secure an official transcript from your institution in a sealed envelope.

  • Submit your unopened official transcript to the translator.

  • Ask the translator to prepare an official English translation.

  • Ask the translator to provide you with one sealed envelope containing both your original transcript and its English translation. The back of the envelope must contain the translator's signature to reflect the unaltered, true contents.


Amsterdam International Theatre Workshop

In the Attachments section of the online application, upload the following:

  • Your headshot. Please use the following specifications: JPG with dimensions of 600x800 pixels. File size should be less than 1MB. 
    • Not sure how to resize your image? We recommend Pixlr: after uploading your headshot in Pixlr, click "Image" at the top of your screen, then "Image Size."
  • If you are a non-NYU student, a recommendation letter from a theatre professional is highly recommended.

Commedia dell’Arte in Florence

In the Attachments section of the online application, upload the following:

  • Your headshot. Please use the following specifications: JPG with dimensions of 600x800 pixels. File size should be less than 1MB. 
    • Not sure how to resize your image? We recommend Pixlr: after uploading your headshot in Pixlr, click "Image" at the top of your screen, then "Image Size."

Directed Projects: The Portrait in Paris

  • NYU non-majors and visiting students who have not taken a formal digital photography class will be required to submit a portfolio or a link to their website for review.


Email is our primary method of communication; therefore, please make sure to allow emails from to be viewed.  

Enrollment in Tisch Study Abroad is limited and competitive. You will be first considered for your first choice program; if space is available after first choice applicants have been accepted, you will be considered for your second or third choice.

Acceptance is based on:

  • Having a valid passport
  • Your academic record
  • Satisfaction of the prerequisites, including a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA requirement
  • Personal statement
  • Interview (if applicable)
  • Audition (if applicable)
  • Readiness for living and studying abroad
  • How well your interests match the training we offer


Our office reserves the right to interview you (and all applicants) as necessary.


  • Final status notifications will be sent on the dates listed in the Tisch Special Programs Admissions Calendar.

  • Notifications are communicated only by email, and only to the primary email address given in the application.


If accepted, you will be required to confirm your participation via the confirmation form.  

  • Confirmation forms must be received by the confirmation deadline found in your acceptance email.  
  • If you cancel after submitting your confirmation form you will incur the $1,500.00 Tisch Special Programs Reservation Fee (nonrefundable and nontransferable).

It is important that you review and understand the Tisch Special Programs Cancellation Policy prior to submitting your confirmation form.  Details can be found on the Tisch Special Programs Cancellation Policy page.

If you are having difficulty with the online application, please contact us at (212) 998-1512.